Saturday, July 25, 2009

Okay Linda, this card is for you. Hurry up and drink the pink one, the "salt" is falling off it, see? (It's sparkly stuff that didn't dry completely before I put it on the scanner!) So remember "When life gives you limes....make Margaritas!" I'm still awake, it's 2:37 although the blog time is different on here. I just ate a piece of zucchinni bread. I'm listening to Ozzy sing "Crazy Train." Probably not the best song if I want to go to sleep huh? I have made 3 cards tonight so at least I'm accomplishing something. I'd better get to those dishes though. I didn't make it to the fireworks. It was way too crowded! Driving through town was just crazy so I headed for the hills. Now I'm listening to the song "Mr. Sandman." Think I'll go to sleep? That's what I call Bud....Sandman.


Belinda said...

Yum yum! The margaritas look so tasty and same with the "salt"! Love the sentiment as well!

Eve said...

This card is adorable! Love how you made them different colors!