Thursday, July 9, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I haven't been on in 3 days so I'm playing catch up! I downloaded 2 cards, Love in Bloom and Christmas Tree. The technique is called Iris Folding. It is not difficult, but is a little challenging until you get used to it. It really makes a WOW effect when you give an Iris folded card to someone. They have a hard time figuring out how you did it. You need alot of scotch tape. I use the invisible kind as it is easier to work with. I wait until it goes on sale (Christmas is a good time) and then buy alot of it so I can have some for the whole year. I haven't made alot of them yet this year. I have a pattern for a maple leaf that is absolutely stunning done in Autumn colors. I don't have one made up now, I will post one this fall. I took a class on this technique. The teacher felt bad as she had to run the scrapbook store and teach the class. She told me she felt like refunding my money. I am a quick learner and didn't need a whole lot of her help once she showed me the basics. There was another lady in the class with me and she gave me some pointers as she had taken the class before and just took it again to get some new designs.

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