Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grandpa and Uncle Leo

Day 180 at 365 cards called for a Vintage card. If ya look at my past posts, that seems to be alot of what I've been doing. The pictures of the 2 boys (yes, they are boys even though they are wearing dresses...I guess that was the thing to do back then) are my grandfather (L) and my great uncle (R). The top part of the card (postcard) is actually what is on the back of the picture. This used to be very popular, and I have quite a few ancestors immortalized on the front of postcards. This looks "unfinished" to me. Maybe a ribbon across where the 2 papers meet? This was a good stroll down memory lane. They both have been gone 30+ yrs. and I miss them terribly.


~amy~ said...

Oh Celeste, what a great take on the vintage challenge!!

Bohemian Gypsy said...

Celeste I am gobsmacked!!! This is truly the vest vintage of all when it is one's family that you use as vintage what a treasure you have created.