Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Okay, so at 365 cards the challenge was to make a card with a sign. The snowman went together well until the end when I blobbed ink on the card making his stick arm. So then I made the garden card using a little wooden sign I had that I colored and stamped. Then it happened again....I blobbed ink again on one of the tall flowers and in the sky. I should have had the Margarita BEFORE I made the cards huh? Having the wooden sign on the scanner also made the flowers in back of the sign look blurred. Oh well....hope everyone else's day went better.


Anonymous said...

Very cute, and very clever, great card!!!!

Carolyn V said...

Margarita? Did someone say margarita? I'm a traditionalist, though... lime for me!

Love the snowman card... so cute!
~ Carolyn

~amy~ said...

Both of your cards are super fun!!